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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 28, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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friday. >> halloween. >> i know. halloween. thanks for watching, everyone. >> go, giants! captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, october 28th 2014. welcome to cbs this morning. the cdc revises ebola protocols yet again after a quarantine backlash. isis forces a kptured journalist to report from the front line. >> and after 45 years on stage, a final farewell for the the allman brothers. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener", your world in 90 seconds. >> whatever guidelines and policies are put in place should not burden those operating in west africa. >> the quarantine controversy raises on. >> the cdc is recommending
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voluntary home quarantine for the people at the highest risk for ebola infection. >> however, governor christie is standing by his decision to take extra precaution. >> my first job is to protect the health and safety of the people of new jersey. >> it shows him out of kobani. >> it claims the militants control most of the city. >> a relentless flow of lava threatening to incinerate dozens of homes in hawaii. >> this is what you're left with, nothing. >> a denver broncos fan is still missing. >> we still suspect foul play. >> i can't help but think something bad has happened. >> they have launched a security review after members of the public appear to collide with british prime minister david cameron. >> police say nothing sinister about monday's incident. >> it shows how easy it could be if anyone wants to assassinate the prime minister. >> a device similar to the weather balloon is helping track down the suspect in the killing of a pennsylvania state trooper.
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a a man drove an suv into the pool. >> smashed the window and just pulled him out. >> beyonce will create a global line of sportswear. >> she said i will not rest until i have all the the money on earth. >> the game is on the line. he has got to throw it and it does! unbelievable win. >> all that matters. >> toronto has a new mayor, signaling an end to the scandal ridden era of rob ford. >> if you know anything about the ford family, we never, ever, ever give up. >> on cbs this morning. >> ebola in new york city. >> ebola inny city. >> the patient was all overny city and bowling alley and subway and uber car. >> ebola has come to new york. and if they can spread it here they'll spread it everywhere. >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places.
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>> welcome to cbs this morning. clearing up the ebola crisis. that is the goal of new guidelines from the cdc this morning. they follow another suspected ebola case. this one is in baltimore. the new rules explain how people returning from west africa should be treated in the united states. they outline when it's appropriate to quarantine travelers and health care workers. >> meanwhile australia is the first major country to ban all visas from west african nations stricken with ebola. it's a controversial move that is facing backlash. the most recent patient is fighting to recover from ebola at bellevue. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and good morning to our viewers in the west. dr. greg spencer remains in serious but stable condition here at bellevue hospital center. in the meantime, a patient is being isolated and being monitored for ebola at the university of maryland medical center in baltimore as u.s. officials work to contain the crisis.
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>> not everybody is at the same risk. >> the new guidelines issued by the cdc classified travelers from west africa into four risk categories. >> high, some, low but not zero and no identifiable risk. >> health care workers who treated ebola patients using personal protective equipment posed some risk. while those who came into direct contact with body fluid will be considered high risk. and they will be directly monitored for signs of infection. their movements in public will also be restricted but a quarantine is not automatic. >> is this person reliable to adhere to the restrictions of not traveling in certain types of medium. of not going into crowded areas. if there's a determination that person could do it technically you could put a restriction on that person.
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>> casey's hikox whose quarantine caused widespread criticism was released on monday. the nurse was wisked away inside of one of two black suvs to her home in maine. a 5-year-old new york city boy who recently returned from guinea has tested negative for ebola. medical personnel in full hazmat suits removed the sick child from his home in the bronx. despite the negative test officials were not taking any chances initially. >> the child at first did not appear to have any symptoms. the mother has no symptoms whatsoever. so a lot of caution is being taken here. >> he's now being cared for here at bellevue hospital. the the same hospital where dr. craig spencer continues to receive treatment for ebola. amber vincent who was getting treatment at emery and was the second nurse to contract ebola in the united states is expected to be released later today.
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as for today, the new guidelines by the cdc, there are still inconsistencyies at the federal level. an army major general says he and his troops returning are being isolated as a base in italy for the next 21 days. >> jericka, thanks. this morning new jersey governor chris christie insists it was right to isolate casey hickox. they highlighted differences between state and federal guidelines. bill plante is at the white house where officials are asking the state not to go off on their own. good morning, bill. >> good morning. the white house and the medical community weighed in heavily to get new york to ease the quarantine, which it did, and put public pressure on new jersey to release nurse hickox. now the administration hopes the new guidelines from the center for disease control will convince other states not to follow christie's lead. >> i didn't refer them. >> new jersey governor chris
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christie took a break from campaigning in florida to say that he will not apologize the nurse casey hickox for quarantining her in a new jersey hospital after her rereturn from sierra leone. >> i have no reason to apologize. my job is not to represent her. thest to represent the people of new jersey. she needs to understand that the obligation of elected officials is to protect the public health of all the people and if that inconvenienced her for a period of time that's what we need to protect the public, that's what we will continue to do. >> new york city officials said they need to be smarter. >> what happened with nurse hickox was unacceptable, unfair and disrespectful to a hero. that was not the smart way to do it. >> at the the white house, press secretary conceded the states have the authorities to make their own laws but says new jersey's mandatory quarantine sends the wrong message. >> somebody like casey hickox who is making a commitment to volunteer her time and travel to west africa and work intensively and closely with highly
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contagious ebola patients it is service that is deserving of praise and respect. and having her in a tent for days doesn't exactly do that. >> director tom frieden says the new protocols aim to reduce the need for governors to react on their own. >> the health departments generally do follow guidelines. if they wish to be more stringent than what cdc recommends, that's within their authority and the system of government that we have. >> now the white house does not want to continue having a political fight with prominent governors over how they're protecting citizens from ebola, which is what has happened. but the administration will be very public in pushing new cdc guidelines to take the place of state regulations as more health care workers return from west africa. >> bill, thank you so much. isis is stepping up its propaganda war this morning. it released a video claiming to
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voe a british captive on the syrian town. isis fighters have spent more than a month trying to capture kobani. holly williams has more from istanbul istanbul. holly, good morning. >> good morning. the new isis propaganda video uses a british hostage. journalist who has already appeared in five previous productions released by the islamic militants but this video is quite different. >> hello. i'm john cantlie, and today we're this the city of kobani. >> the new isis video is as usual slickly produced. but this time a journalist and now hostage plays the role of a reporter in what appears to be the embattled town of kobani. the video claims these aerial shots were filmed from an isis road. kobani lies in a key strategic location on syria's border with turkey. six weeks of deadly urban warfare has forceded 200
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thousand people to flee their homesmented at least 170 u.s.-led air strikes have targeted isis in and around koe kban kobani, the heaviest barrage since the air brigade began. but in the video he claims it hasn't stopped the militants' advance, presumably speaking under duress. this month u.s. dropped bundles of weapons, ammunition and medical supplies to local fighters resisting the islamic extremist ls. but isis claims it captured one of the american drops, which included hand grenades. after being held captive for nearly two years, this is the sixth isis video he has appeared in. in the past, though he's always been shown indoors, dressed in an orange jumpchute akin to those in guantanamo bay. his family has repeatly pleaded
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with isis for his release. his 81-year-old father passed away last week. charlie? >> holly, thanks. a sophisticateded cyber web from russia reportedly has turned up inside an american company holding military secrets. this morning's wall street journal says it was a program on russian language machine. computer security experts say that they have a, quote, government sponsor, specifically a government based in moscow. the report did not say which company was targeted by the hackers. hawaii is promising to help dozens of people who could be cut off from their homes within days. this morning a lava flow is now less than 100 yards from the home in the big island town of pahoa. we're talking with homeowners waiting for the order to get ut. >> reporter: this is the site that residents have been dreading for months. the lava has been inching towards dozens of homes here since june.
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residents have been packing up ordered to prepare to evacuate over the weekend. zbr we're obviously very sad. they love where they live. but for them, life is changing and they're adapting to it. >> reporter: the lava burned through 30 miles of thick island brush, destroying everything in its path. eating through roads and covering a community cemetery. it's taken four months to reach this neighborhood. temperatures here can reach up to 2,000 degrees and there's nothing you can do to stop it. while electric crews work to protect their utility poles, residents here are realizing there's not much they can do to protect their home. >> reporter: this pahoa resident is preparing for the worst. his home once belonged to his grandmother. >> a lot of memories. a lot of family gatherings.
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unlike last time, he wants to watch the lava pass through. officials are allowing residents to get close enough to witness the lava engulfing their homes. >> to see it in actuality, i think it might bring closure. you know to know that it's done. and turn the page and start another chapter. >> lava flows here are nothing new. thest one of the world's most active volcanos that has been erupting continually since 1983. but it usually flows south, shifting northeast in the last two years. creating this threat to pahoa village. zblf i'm sure mixed emotions will come out in the community because this is a life changing event if many of the residents. >> for cbs this morning in hawaii. the mystery of disappearance of kim jong-un may be solved.
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south korea spy agency says a foreign doctor operated on kim. the doctor removed a cyst from his right ankle and recently returned to public view after six weeks. despite they couldn't return because of kim's obesity, smoking and busy schedule. >> all right. one week from today, americans will vote in the midterm elections in. in louisiana three term-term democratic senator mary landrieu is in a tough fight. >> in a debate landrieu put some distance between her and p t obama, but not too much. i am not -- let me finish -- backing up from things i have supporteded president obama on. i supported him on education and yes, some of his health care policies. and i can go through a laundry list. >> political director john dickerson is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> so listening to her, is the emerging here president obama? >> you know, in watching her try to balance that is what every
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democratic candidate has had to do. be their own person. but not make a clumsy rush away from the president. but yes, republicans if you look at their ads and debate and what they say on the stump, it's obama, obama, obama. which means if you look at what is being talked about in the debate to drive home an idea, it's all about this president. it's not about a set of ideas. >> so as you wrote this morning, therefore, if the republicans win the senate and control the congress they have no mandate. >> elections are supposed to be about here are a set of ideas we believe in. we've gotten the public to ratify those ideas. they also give a to-do list for the new people in office. it's no to-do list we don't like obama. so if republicans take control, there will be a big debate about what do we do next? >> if republicans take control, they'll win in six senate seatses that mitt romney won by double digits in the last presidential election.
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where is the minnesotaandate with that? >> 62% say they're voting to punish president obama. they don't like president obama. the same republicans, only 38% say they want compromise. so the people who are going to decide who control the the senate are the people who don't want compromise. and yet, you look at the majority of the public and they do want compromise. >> so you stay the headline will be everyone is voting against president obama. but doesn't history show that in the six-year itch every midterm election, that since world war ii the president's opposing party has lost an average of 16. >> that's right. >> it's really about a fickle public. ful. >> well, it is. it's also about where the races are being run. they're running in deep red states with a lot of republicans. the question is, after this is all over. $4 billion has been spent, what is the message that then you take into governing that right now it looks like the message is we do not like this president that we, the republicans are then going to have to work with. >> why is it they don't like this president so much? is it -- the spillover from
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obamacare or something else? >> well, in the states that are going to decide this who control the senate they don't like the president because of obamacare and because he has a "d" next to him namz and the the latest thing that has come up is a series of different things. from the secret service to ebola to the irs scandal. and that's the federal government doesn't work. it's inefficient, infesktive and mucking around in your lives. >> john dickerson, thank you. one and one week from tonight cbs news will cover the midterm elections. we'll have updates throughout the evening and a full report at 10:00, 9:00 central. an american airlines jet landed in london after a terror scare. it was turned around on the tarmac sunday night. a passenger reportedly found a suspicious wireless hot spot. that wi-fi network riddled with spelling errors. police boardeded the aircraft
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but decided no crime was committed. >> i saw it when i was on my phone to try to find the airplane wi-fi. i did see it. i thought it was weird. i didn't go into it. >> you can't be of sane mind to making these judgments and naming your wi-fi al qaeda. >> american airlines said in a statement the flight departed just before 2:00 p.m. local time on monday. investigators are searching section phone records and social media accounts of a teenage gunman north of seattle. 15-year-old jaylen fryberg sent a text message luring his victims to lunch. he pulled out a handgun and shot five students before killing himself. >> the question that everybody wants is why? and candidly, i don't know that the why is going to be something we can provide. >> two of the students have died. two others remain in critical condition. another shot in the jaw was upgraded monday to story conditions. a quarterback knead the most of his first start for the
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redskins in dallas last night. colt mccoy gave washington the lead with a fourth quarter touchdown run. earlier in the game tony romo went down with a back injury. his quarterback tied the game for the 25-yard td pass. romo made a dramatic turn in time for overtime but he could not win the game. washington beat dallas 20-17. afterwards, everyone wanted to talk to mccoy. at one point, the team's pr man got in the way. >> you see that? >> yeah. that was something. >> that was a team official pulling mccoy away from an interview with espn's spanish language channel. >> wow. all right. it's 7:19. a athey had this morning, not just storm clouds staying to the north for now but that's all going to change as we head in toward friday and the weekend. so enjoy the sunshine as high pressure strengthens overhead and mostly clear skies this morning. it is a little chilly headed
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out the door in the 40s and 50s now. but latter part of the day mid 70s the warmest valleys andability 74 in san jose. 73 in oakland and 68 degrees in san francisco. tomorrow we could actually see some low 80s then the clouds roll in on thursday. chance of rain late thursday night and friday. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by ethan allen. home the next classics. hundreds of all new designs arriving now.
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it's good but is it good for s. >> ahead, the state of michigan passes legislation that blocks fess la from selling its electric cars directly to customers. >> the news is back here on the morning. stay tuned for your local news. >> announcer: "cbs this morning" sponsored by hershey's chocolates. one of a kind kisses. walmart pharmacy is now a preferred pharmacy in even more medicare part d plans. if you're a member in a plan where walmart is a preferred pharmacy, you could save up to 80% on your co-pays over other pharmacies. and this could lower your prescription co-pays to as low as a dollar. there's an easy way to save, so you can spend your time doing the things you enjoy the most. learn about plans available in your area by calling 1-800-966-2790 or visit save money. live better. walmart.
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good tuesday morning everyone, 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. here's what's happening and it's all about baseball this morning. the giants just a win away from another world series title. jake peavy takes the mound at kansas city later tonight a chance to clinch the world series. big jumbotron set up in san francisco cease civic center for fans to watch the game with a whole bunch of people tonight. students at san jose state are mourning the death of a fellow fraternity brother. the victim was killed by another student accused of driving drunk. it happened on the northeastened of campus on 10th street. the suspect surrendered to police after the accident and he was set to graduate as an engineer in coming un-- this coming june. traffic and weather coming up right after the break.
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good morning, if you're a silicon valley commuter on 237, you're going to get caught in a bet of a traffic jam right now. leaving milpitas past anchor reed sash sang -- zanker road right now. late running roadwork and an earlier crash slowing down that commute. here's a live look in oakland. northbound still okay certain to get more crowded near the oakland coliseum and same thing slowing now out of hayward on the san mateo bridge. here's lawrence. a little hazy out this door this morning and a little chilly too. some 40s and some 50s outside this afternoon looks like we'll warm things up nice. storm track going to stay to the north so we've got some mid 70s to warmest valleys and a lot of 70s inside the bay and 60s alodge the coastline. low 80s by tomorrow afternoon and then everything changes. a chance of rain on friday.
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♪ i've got to say, no heat no shower [ bleep ] no -- [ laughter ] for most new yorkers, it would be like hmm what's the square footage? what's the rent? is there a broker's fee? coming up in this half hour apple is trying to change the way we buy things but some retailers are seeing that decline. and in studystudio. plus tesla hits a road block in michigan. the home of the american auto
7:31 am
industry has a new law targeting the electric carmaker. that story's ahead. time to show you headlines from around the globe. the new york daily news said the federal government is suing after allegedly stealing millions of dollars in government money. filing false claims between 2008 and 2012. the city's loss it says it disagrees. and the mass surveillance program is bigger than previously revealed. last month the post office approved 50,000 requests to secretly track people's mail. bloomberg said the makers of auto air bags and the cars that use them nationwide auto lawsuits. with the force spraying metal
7:32 am
shrapnel. and the toronto star said mayor rob ford easily won back his old city tory a moderate conservative won the mayoral election. he beat ford's brother by 41% of the vote. and following a major security breach in northern england, a jogger ran into british prime minister david
7:33 am
security bubble as u.s. presidents but there's a risk to that kind of latitude and that risk has now been exposed. it all happened in the blink of an eye. some men in suits. a kerfuffle, a man wrestled to the ground. slowed down, we can analyze the play. one of the men is david cameron, prime minister. coming in to the right of the picture, dean balboa farley a jogger on the way to the gym. a jogger does what joggers do he tried to dodge his way through the crowd. cameron's protection detail reacts much too late some say. farley said he had no idea he'd just become the center of a security breach. >> i looked around next thing i know i've got a half dozen suited men surrounding me and man handling me to the floor. the whole while, i'm wondering what's going on. i'm like who are you, what's going on pipe didn't see david
7:34 am
cameron. i didn't know it was david cameron until the police an hour later told me what was done. >> reporter: cameron with what may be a smile on his face was taken away. >> i can put on the record for once the iron on the police protection. >> reporter: how does anyone get that close? britain, too, is under threat from the so-called islamic state militants in syria and iraq. and the memory of the attack in ottawa is supposed to have heightened the security of western political leaders. ken warp is a former protection officer for britain's royal family. >> he had a case of the prime minister leaving the build essentially ahead of his protection team. there seemed to be no forward advance, as we would say to clear the
7:35 am
london's metropolitan police which runs the protective unit has now launched an inquiry. apple's new mobile payment system launched last month and some stores changing their mind. cvs and rite aid have made up their minds to stop accepting apple pay. he said he isn't worried. >> we've known it for weeks. i followed pretty closely. the first 72 hours, we'd gone over the 1 million mark on activations of cards. we're just getting started, but the early ramp looks fantastic. and i'm getting flooded with e-mails from customers that are just, you know, it's sort of
7:36 am
that ahh moment. you've used the phone. and that's all you have to do. >> scott stein, a editor and partner. good morning. i wish i had apple pay when i went for a run when i just like to bring my phone and don't want a credit card or money. i haven't downloaded yet. what's behind cvs and rite aid saying we're not going to use it. >> right. there are a lot of point of payment areas that work with apple pay without necessarily being partners. now the cordless pull-down model, the idea that rite aid is one partner that's going to be launching an app called currentc. it's an alternative for apple and android but it's not going to be using your credit card. it's going to tie into your debit or bank accounts. it may apply discounts.
7:37 am
they claim they're looking at alternative alternatives, but this technology has been out there with google and android. >> we're going to see a lot more of these companies that do what apple pay does come forward? >> i think so. i think what's happening is a turf war. not just about apple pay, but credit card companies -- >> and transaction fees? >> and transaction fees. with the percentage that they have to pay them so this organization, the currentc the american customer exchange they've been around a while. now it comes up against apple pay. and it seems like the moment they've decided to pull the plug on that. but, yeah i think you will see hopefully a lot of phones incorporate secured payment systems like apple pay. the question is what merchants will use it. and i think customers want it. >> rite aid released a
7:38 am
statement, rite aid does not currently accept apple pay we are continually evaluating various forms of mobile payment technologies and are committed to offering convenient reliable and security payment methods. does that mean that apple pay may not be reliable? >> that's a total dodge. right now, apple pay, one of the most secure. the information is stored on the phone, not in the cloud. apple is going to great length to show that it's not focused elsewhere. and now with the currentc it's going to be accessed by retailers. >> and considering everything is apple pay successful? is it working for most people? >> when it works, it seems to work good. but that's exactly it. when it works. it usually seems to be about the terminal. i think it takes a lot when people want to use new technology.
7:39 am
>> thank you. it's one of the most innovative cars on the road but drivers can buy a tesla in detroit. politicians choosing that over consumers. that's next. and a potential threat from the sky. >> if it's popping up in your airspace it just makes your job that much harder? >> that is correct is correct. drones. you're watching "cbs this morning." on friday elon musk the founder of tesla motors how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40
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the home of gm ford and chrysler saying no to tesla motors. michigan's governor signed a law last week effectively banning directly to the customer like this store here in new york. because of the new law, that will not be the case in michigan. tesla motors the silicon valley upstart known for building the world's fastest elect car has hit a road block in the state of michigan home to america's auto industry. it began last week when governor rick snyder signed a law clarifying that automakers were not allowed to sell vehicles directly to a retail customer other than through franchise dealers. the law stopped tesla which uses a direct-to-consumer base
7:45 am
business model from setting up shop in the state. unlike traditional car companies, tesla sells cars through its company website and operates showrooms like this one. and it's at odds like other companies that sell to traditional car dealerships. >> tesla's business models is not have franchise car dealerships like every other carmaker does. the carmakers across the country are fighting it because it threatens their livelihood. >> reporter: in a video governor snyder said although the law is controversial it has strong legislative support. >> i hope they'll take up that concern and have a discussion in "cbs this morning," tesla said tesla has every intention of taking the
7:46 am
governor up on his invitation to come to michigan to debate this issue in a public forum. it's now one of six states with active laws banning tesla from operating under this current business model. another five states are debating tlaegs could further protect car dealers. >> they spent a lot of money building brick and mortar dealerships. the dealers pretty much wrote the franchise laws in this country. so they're fighting against having factory-owned stores. >> reporter: now isn't states where direct sales are banned tesla customers have to travel out of state to make their purchases. the company has some ambitious expansion plans. it intends to fight michigan's legislation so customers who want to buy their cars won't have to be inconvenienced. charlie. >> thank you so much elaine. >> tesla is saying game-on. anytime they say, look let's debate this in the light of day, it's serious. >> elon musk say very creative
7:47 am
guy. >> he seller is. the company says planes without windows could storm clouds staying to the north for now but that's all going to change as we head in toward friday and the weekend. so enjoy the sunshine as high pressure strengthens overhead and mostly clear skies this morning. it is a little chilly headed out the door in the 40s and 50s now. but latter part of the day mid 70s the warmest valleys and about 74 in san jose. 73 in oakland and 68 degrees in san francisco. tomorrow we could actually see some low 80s then the clouds roll in on thursday. chance of rain late thursday night and friday.
7:48 am
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♪ window or aisle seat? in a few years that question may no longer need 'answer. a british company wants to get rid of windows on airliners. it may be replaced with displays with images outside the plane. the company says a plane with no windows is lighter and uses less fuel and that could lower ticket prices. the idea may take off. >> i'm totally freaked out by that. >> it looked like you're riding in midair. do you like that senator? >> and the feel, too. >> do you like that idea of windowless planes? >> i wish we could open the windows. >> and everybody would depressurize and die. >> and you would freeze. >> and a parachute.
7:52 am
our coverage continues. we're not going to talk about windows, we'll talk politics. maybe you'll announce you're running in 2016. >> maybe, maybe. >> and michael lewis is here to talk to -- you can believe it's the 25th anniversary of -- are you ready? that's ahead on "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. ♪ drop and roll ♪ ♪ drop it more...drop ♪ ♪ i wanna know your name ♪ ♪ i wanna i wanna know your name... ♪ ♪ you got me droppin' the cut ♪ ♪ you got me droppin' it down... ♪ ♪ ♪ name droppin' on them boys with the tags, don't stop ♪ ♪ me and my crew just droppin' and dancin' ♪ ♪ stop, stop and drop it ♪ ♪ you got me droppin' it up ♪ ♪ you got me droppin' it down ♪ hungry for the best? it's eb. want to give your family the very best
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good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. the giants are just one win away. jake peavy will take the mound tonight with the chance to clinch the world series. fans can watch the game on a jumbotron at san francisco's civic center. nurses will gather at ucsf today to demand tougher standards for treating ebola. the uc hospitals will be treatment locations if any patients are diagnosed in california. the nurses say they simply are not prepared. more assistance is on the way for those still recovering from the napa earthquake. last night officials announced struggling homeowners and renters will be able to get fema assistance. it caused more than $300 million in damage. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning, taking a check of the bay bridge it is still backed up through the maze and some of the approaches east shear freeway, very heavy as you can see from the drive time between richmond and berkeley. 24 does not look as bad today as it did yesterday and 580 very slow from the 24 interchange. a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge approach. the delays approaching canal and kind of heavy across the span coming into marin county. northbound 280 really you can see it's all red sensors through downtown san jose from 101 past stevens creek. that's your latest kcbs drive to work. here's lawrence. all right we are starting out with lots of sunshine around the bay area. temperatures a little chilly though if you're doing it the door. we've dropped down in the 40s in many spots. clear skies over san jose we are looking good there and i think for the next couple of days boy the nicest days of the week. the storm track moves a little further north today as high pressure will strengthen and even more so for tomorrow. these temperatures going to be something else. mid 70s inland and 60s along the coastline and tomorrow
7:59 am
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♪ good morning to you viewers in the west. it is tuesday, october 28th, 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning". more news ahead, we'll ask about the ebola response and elections. but first, here's a look at today's eye opener at 8:00. >> after those new guidelines by the cdc there are still inconsistency, even at the federal level. >> the administration hopes that the new guidelines will convince other states not to follow governor christiee's lead. the new isis propaganda video a british hostage. but this video is quite different. residents here are realizing
8:01 am
they may be able to save themselves but there's not much they can do to protect their homes. they don't like the president because he's got a d next to his became and obamacare. >> british prime ministers don't live in the same kind of security bubble as american president bs you there is a risk to that relatively relaxed attitude and that risk has now been exposed. >> we're going to see a lot more companies if apple pay does come forward? >> i think so. tesla sells its cars directly to consumers as stores like this one, but because of the new law, that will not be the case in michigan. >> the number one movie in the country is i'll tell you" ouji." in the opening scene they're talking to the jets. >> this morning's eye opener at 8:00 is presented by walgreens. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah oh'donnell.
8:02 am
new cdc guidelines are in effect this morning aimed at finding common ground and protecting public health. it recommends a 21-day isolation period. >> a nurse from maine is home this morning after a forced quarantine in new jersey. kaci hickox returned from west africa and called her stay in an isolation tent inhumane. new jersey governor chris christie defends the decision. >> i know she didn't want to be there. no one ever wants to be in the hospital, i suspect. so i understand that. but the fact is i have a much greater, bigger responsibility to the people, the public. i think when she has time to reflect she will understand that as well. >> meanwhile, a dallas nurse is now ebola free amber vincent will be released today from atlanta hospital after contracting the disease from a patient. the government's response to ebola is tied to the mid
8:03 am
elections. poised to take the senate with 51 seats. democrats are not ready to concede. senator elizabeth warren says her party needs to stand up and fight. she's become a sought after campaigner in a number of key races. her message to voters focus on middle class opportunities and is a big theme in her memoir. senator warren is here with us. good morning. >> good morning. good to be here. >> one week out for the midterms. we want to get to politic, what's going on in the country. first, on the issue of ebola. governor chris christie said this morning he doesn't think his policy of involuntary quarantine is draconian. he says the cdc has been behind on this. >> well, so he should bring out his scientists advising him on that because we know we want to be led by the science. that's what's going to keep people safe. science, not politics. i think that's critical. >> you're worried about it? >> of course. >> christie is playing politics? >> of course i'm worried. this is why elections matter and why they matter over time. you know ebola is not new.
8:04 am
we've known about it for a long time. and we were putting money into funding ebola many years ago. and the republicans have cut funding overall for medical research, for the national institute of health. and ebola has not been a priority. so now we're in a position where instead of making dozens of estimates up front we wait until people die. now we're going to spend billions of dollars and some real risk to our country. we can't just run this country one crisis to another. what congress is supposed to do is help us make the investments early and make sure that it keeps us all safe. let's turn now to the election because republicans need six seats to take over the majority. you serve in the u.s. senate. democrats are in control. the republicans need six seats. on average, since world war ii the opposing party, the president, has won about six seats. what happens if republicans take control? >> it's going to be ally out there. if the republicans take control.
8:05 am
well -- >> softball of a question wasn't it? >> i mean, how many ways can we talk about this? >> she just tee'd it up for you. >> the republicans themselves have made this clear. you know mitch mcconnell who, by the way, is getting a real challenge from allison grimes. mitch mcconnell says number one, he's going to make sure a lot fewer people have access to health care. he's going to repeal the affordable care actnd that means young people don't get to stay on their parents' policy, you don't get the business pre-existing conditions, you can be canceled out, outrun your insurance coverage. the rekdsecond thing is reduce the accountability of the big financial institutions. roll back some of what was done in dodd frank. and he said he's going to make eight first priority to take the legs out from underneath that little consumer financial protection bureau, the one we all fought so hard for. tries to level the playing field so people don't get cheated on
8:06 am
mortgages, on credit cards, that little agency has been in effect three years now and it is already returned more than $4 billion, forced these big financial companies to return money that they cheated people out of. now, that's government that works and that's what mitch mccoop nellmc mcconnell wants to get rid of. >> but. >> partly. >> you made wall street an issue in all of your public life and books as well. >> you bet. >> but democrats are facing re-election campaigns where the president is the issue. many are saying that you are not making the economic argument well enough you are not making the middle class argument well enough, income and equality well enough. >> democrats have focused too much on reproductive rights et cetera. >> i think that we really have a choice here in this election between democrats and
8:07 am
republicans. let me make it as concrete as i can because this is where all the evidence is. we believe that no one should work full time and still live in poverty and that means raising the minimum wage. democrats have proposed that. every democrat supports it. if we do that we literally would lift millions of children out of poverty. the republicans filibuster. democrats say we need to lower the interest rate on student loans. the government should not be making billions of dollars in profits off the backs of our kids. republicans filibuster it. >> i asked john dickerson this question, i'm asking you. why is the president so unpopular? >> let's remember that the republicans said we're going to do everything we can to make him a failed president. we're going to block every move. >> so the president is unpopular because of republicans? >> well, they have made it clear that they don't want democrats and they certainly don't want -- certainly don't want the president to have any chance to
8:08 am
move the american country forward and to help strengthen america's middle class. look at the things we fought for. under president obama's leadership we fight to raise the minimum wage we fight to reduce the interest rate on student loans. >> what is going to be your main focus and what can you say that doesn't sound like a political talking point? what do we need to focus on now, the democrats, to make sure that they maintain control of the senate? >> i think it's really about whose side do you stand on. for me that's the whole heart of it. you can see who is out there fighting to reduce the interest rate on student loans. that's the best example i can get. that all of the democrats stood up for this the republicans filibustered it. do you know why filibustered it? they filibustered it because, as they said, you would have to have millionaires and billionaires throw a little more money into the kitty to make up for it. >> massachusetts, the boston globe just endorsed the
8:09 am
republican candidate for governor. your home state. >> i know. i know. i -- you know i don't. i think they're wrong on this. but look there's an example. but it is. it's about whose side do you fight on? martha coakley is a wonderful example. she has been for the last eight years the attorney general. she has stood up to wall street. she's been in there socking on behalf of families. defensive marriage act she led the way. a woman's right to be able to go to planned parenthood without being harassed. martha has been on the front lines working in the public interest. charlie baker, are you ready? charlie baker got an award for being the outsourcer of the year. so whose side do you stand on? >> she said i would like to stir things up. i like to be a troublemaker. >> mission accomplished. >> that's what you said to me. >> that's what i talk about in my book, a fighting chance we've got to get out there and
8:10 am
stir things up so all our kids get a fighting chance. >> be a troublemaker. >> senator warren good to have you here. >> it's good to be here. cbs news election night coverage begins next tuesday on the "cbs evening news." we'll have updates throughout the evening and a prime time special, scott and i will have news and analysis along with charlie, gayle, bob schieffer, bill whitaker and more and that is one week from tonight right here on cbs. >> big team. ahead on
8:11 am
this morning's "eye this morning's eye you fer at 8:00 sponsored by walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. joey joey mcintyre made it back with new kids on the block. look at him hanging out and getting ready for "the mccarthys." that's ahead here on "cbs this morning."
8:12 am
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man ♪ the allman brothers will play its final show with what's known around the world. anthony mason is here with an inside look at the band's final days. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. no other band has had the connection that it the allman brothers have with the beacon theatre selling out more than 200 shows since 1989. for the city that will mean so much for so long. >> reporter: the allman brothers virtually invented southern rock. ♪ a legendary live act, the band has survived breakups and tragedies. to keep jamming for 45 years. ♪
8:21 am
lead guitarist derrick trucks at age 35 he's the youngest member of the band. >> the thing that impressed me, whenever we hit the stage that was always that energy and blood and sweat on the drums and two hours later, these guys 65 years old, it's been an inspiration the whole time. >> reporter: formed in the late '60s by duane allman and his younger brother gregg, the band recorded with their third album recorded live "at fillmore east." >> it was about the sheer power coming off of this band. and it's a record that's stepping off a trajectory of becoming one of the biggest in the world. >> reporter: but just two weeks after their record went gold duane allman was killed in a
8:22 am
motorcycle accident in macon, georgia. he was 24. >> after duane died they got together and said well do we go or do we not go? and the feeling, was you know what duane would have wanted to keep playing. that's what we know how to do. that's everything that we've been working on. and they got in there and they found a way to rearrange and move the band forward. >> it's kind of accustomed to what duane allman was like from the very beginning. he lit a fire. and it's still -- >> burning? >> -- burning. >> reporter: despite brief breakups and repeated cast changes, the band kept forging ahead with gregg keeping his brother's dream alive year after year. duane's daughter galadrielle allman. >> that's what the allman
8:23 am
brothers was that he would make a band with equally talented musicians. >> reporter: as you see the band now, do you see in some way your father? >> absolutely i do. >> it's impressive. it stayed true the whole way. i can't think of another band that's been able to do that. ♪ >> reporter: but the road may not go on forever after all for the allmans. in january both trucks and guitarist warren haynes announced they were leaving the band. tonight's concert at the beacon will be their last. >> it's a huge honor to be a part of it. 45 years is a serious run for any band. i've been there 15 now. -i never thought i'd make it two or three. >> does that effectively mean the end of the allman brothers do you think? >> we'll see. with that band it's one way or the other. >> this past summer gregg allman
8:24 am
said this would be the end but then seemed to change his mind. this time with the allman brothers, though it's definitely done. gregg allman once said it wouldn't end for him until he was carried off the stage on a stretcher. >> gregg allman has been here. it's interesting the influence that duane allman still has on the band all these years later even though he died at age 24. >> that's what derrick trucks said he's always been in the band. there have been other leaders. >> well trucks and warren they both have their own bands. the there are rumors that gregg allman will start his own band. he's done that before. the allmans have a way of coming back to life. their fans hope that happens again. >> when you really love something, it's hard to give it up. >> thank you anthony. michael lewis, speaking of
8:25 am
good tuesday morning everyone, it's 8:25. airmail mall. here's what's happening -- i'm frank mallicoat. here's what's happening around bay area right now. the giants another win away from the world series crown. jake peavy will be on the mound tonight with a chance to clinch the series. a jumbotron there it is set up in san francisco's civic center for all the fans to come watch for free this afternoon. little after 5:00 first pitch. students at san jose state mourning the death of a fellow fraternity brother this morning. the victim chi lam was killed by another student accused of driving drunk. this happened on the northeast portion of the campus on tenth street near san fernando. lam was set to graduate as an engineer this upcoming june. got your traffic and your forecast with lawrence right
8:26 am
after the break. stay with us.
8:27 am
hey john, check it out. whoa! yeah, i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv. and the tablet worked just fine. but i wanted to see if the phone would work as well. so i shrunk sharon. every channel is live just like on tv. but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here. watch any channel live on any device around your home. download the xfinity tv app today. good morning, let's take a look at the drive right now through marin county. southbound 101 backed up as you can see from those red sensors from that that toe and roland. 29 miles per hour. then it is smooth sailing all the way down into sausalito and across the golden gate bridge into san francisco. we are seeing bigger than usual backups from 237 the combination of different incidents earlier backed up the drive still very slow and it's
8:28 am
just kind of heavy end to end on 237 between 880 and 101. coming into sunnyvale. a check of the rest of the south bay and you can see big delays as well coming through downtown san jose. especially on 280, unfortunately 101 not a whole lot better heading into santa clara. that's your latest kcbs drive to work. here's lawrence. all right a lot of sunshine outside today and we're going to need it. it's chilly in spots still in the 40s and 50s. but what a spectacular fall day it's going to be. our mount vaca cam a lot of sunshine there and going to be hanging around all day long. the storm track staying to the north right now and in fact probably going lift a little bit over the next couple of days. that's because high pressure is sitting overhead and bring the temperatures. about 76 in livermore and 74 in san jose and also in napa and also 68-degrees in san francisco. tomorrow we could see a couple numbers sneak into the low 8 #s. and then on thursday -- 80s. and then on thursday the clouds begin to roll in late in the day and then rain expected on halloween and late thursday night.
8:29 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour he left wall street but it never really left him. michael lewis is back. he's here in studio 57. we'll go back to the '80s in his first role of exposing it's underworld of high finance. >> joey mcintyre is also here. we'll talk about his new role on the cbs comedy "the mccarthys." and some headlines from around the globe. the seattle times said it's outraged that the fbi intimidated the paper's website using a fake story to catch a suspect.
8:31 am
he created documents sayinged fbi created an e-mail link in a newspaper file that was bogus. with that listening of software of a teenager suspected making bomb threats at a high school. the fbi defended its actions saying it led to an arrest and conviction. bloomberg said it's getting the film of a british tycoon. it will cost $20 million. gold leaf will cover the banisters and ceilings. and the south china morning post, a tennis champion is losing a $45,000 prize after an over-the-top victory celebration. he's a chinese and olympic champion after a big win in germany on sunday. he kicked the board. and later said he was sorry, threw his t-shirt in the crowd. and he said he was shamed by his display.
8:32 am
>> as these guys fight over the shirt. ping-pong is very popular. this morning "u.s. news and world report" reveals the list of best universities. most are american. oxford is number five. stanford is fourth. number three university of california-berkeley. m.i.t. is number two, and overall, harvard. the u.s. dominates with 135 schools on the list. germany with 42 britain with 38. china has 27. michael lewis has a bookshelf full of best-selling books. he explored the world of baseball the showed us the moneymakers in flash boys. but the book that launched the michael lewis brand is the debut
8:33 am
of "liar's poker." at its 25th anniversary. michael lewis joins us. welcome. >> i didn't know i was a brand. >> oh yes. >> why do this after 25 years, we thought you would do another book -- >> well it's hard to write a book -- i'll just start re-releasing them. mix them up. chop half of it in the back of "blind side." >> you know the book has never stopped selling. it surprising me. when i read it i thought it was a lot to do about -- it's a time capsule. who would have thought the '80s would persist. >> wall street has been so good to you. >> you would think i'd run out of material. but it has -- you know i think what happened was, in that period, the new model for wall
8:34 am
street you know now, we wouldn't have too big t things that led were put in place there. >> you say people were doing nothing making tons of money. >> that's so true. the reason i wrote the book in the first place, because i wanted to give investment advice. >> tell us what it was like back then. you said the outrageous behavior that they did then they'd be fired today. and if you had to write the book today the characters would be deadly. what do you mean? >> it used to get it have strippers -- you don't know that -- >> were they -- did you know they were strippers? >> often the plan the stripper was to surprise some trader on his birthday. she'd be a secretary.
8:35 am
people would say, oh, another stripper. you don't do that. i think there's a point here. the point is like for the behavior, the surface behavior is far less obscene that it was. and less colorful. and the surface characters much less colorful. more corporate more buttoned up. more disguised in a way. the underlying financial stuff has gotten worse. i mean like the thing going on now that would not have been tolerated. >> on that very point, 1989 the dow was at 2700. today it's near 17,000. you wrote in "flash boys.," you wrote a great piece. you say the market is rigged against the average investor. >> well it is. >> how? >> you make a trade, pennyies are being skimmed off all the time but it ends up being millions.
8:36 am
it's systematic. they have faster access to market movement so you're trading against someone always who knows where prices went. they know -- they know by milliseconds but nevertheless it's to their advantage. the result is you have people in the markets who trade for a thousand days and never lose money. it's a game. and it's been gamed for a reason. >> how has the s.e.c. taken on trading? >> the short answer is no individual s.e.c. member actually has any interest in anything in the financial specter. because it's that -- it's a collaborative spirit in which they operate rather than a combative one. the natural next step is it's got to work on wall street. hundreds of people have left the s.e.c. to go to traders and lobbyists of traders. you put a trader next to me he
8:37 am
wouldn't actually feel better about the stock market but he'd make you feel so confused that you'd say maybe he knows something i don't know. >> so you made a lot of money from selling books and writing books. >> what's your point, charlie? >> you invest your money, don't you? >> i do. >> how do you do? >> very tack etitly. i don't trade with the stock market. i buy index funds or warren buffett. >> that's exactly what i do. warren buffett. >> what it is to me i think whatever happens, that man can defend me against it. i mean it's referred to high frequency trading, he knows what's going on. if it would go bad he's in a position to capitalize on that. i feel well that's the bottom that's it. but i don't think about it.
8:38 am
i think people spend way too much time thinking about it. >> why have you never written an commodities? >> i mean, give me some time. i was a baby when i started -- i still think of myself as a young man trying to find material. who knows, it could happen. >> just trying to write about wall street because you did "money ball." which was mandatory viewing for us when we did this show. >> and what about the baseball -- kansas city? >> you don't know what's going to happen. >> they say home games, michael, you have an advantage? >> well home field advantage but i think the players themselves --
8:39 am
>> let me close with this. on "liar's poker. "kwu wrote the afterward, wall street is the like the quiet guy who has a quiet diversion to his family while cheating on his wife every chance he gets. the character is perfect. >> thank you. >> good to see. you. >> good to see. you. >> and the 25th anniversary edition of "liar's poker" is now on sale. and joey mcintyre is in the
8:40 am
8:41 am
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8:43 am
♪ yeah he's an idiot which is why i should be the new assistant coach. >> dad say two-time boston globe all-star. i just want to remind you that i was a two-time boston globe all-star. i'm not a screamer like the j.v. team. >> that's why you play j.v. that's why you play j.v. >> coaching is all about volume and repetition. volume and repetition. >> that's his line. volume and repetition. the new cbs comedy "the
8:44 am
mccarthys" is about a close-knit boston team that loves sports. if you lived in '90s or your kids did, you may remember him from something else. ♪ >> oh, my gosh. >> oh mcintyre the youngest member of new kids on the block. the band sold more than 80 million albums worldwide. how cute were you? do you know how many posters your face was on in little girls' rooms who were screaming? >> well we do -- we're still doing it we talk about the old times with our fans all the time. >> were you the justin bieber before there was justin bieber? >> no we definitely we definitely had quite a moment in the young girls' lives. >> look at your face -- when you
8:45 am
look at your face that young, what dothink? what do you remember? >> we were having a blast. we were having a good time. and then it got so crazy and we were like whoa we got to get out of here alive. and we did thankfully. >> after aten years? >> yeah it was quite a while. it was quite a run. you realize there's more to life. >> what are you doing now? >> we came back in 2008. timing is everything. our fans had grown up and we can look back and embrace the past and feel young and fresh and challenge ourselves it's been amazing. >> now, you're coming to cbs and donny wahlberg is already here. >> oh i know. >> reading about it when you read this character, you said, i know this guy. i've been practicing for this role my whole life. what do you mean? >> brian galavin who is from a
8:46 am
town in boston. it was one of those things i knew this character. it's probably like half of a guy from triple d bar in my hometown of jamaicatown. and lots to say, maybe a little defensive. all that stuff that comes out. and we get to play it. it's great. >> how does that affect who you are today, and you are the youngest of nine kids? you got beaten up a lot. >> you know i talk about family, i talk about boston i get emotional. i've been blessed and i've been lucky. with the new kids and just a town like boston you know it keeps you grounds but you feel very supported at the same time. >> now, he's got three kids. when we were in the studio he was showing me home videos. i said can you show that. you already have a built-in
8:47 am
following already. >> every day when i'm driving to school. there's billboards all over -- we live in l.a. it's kind of coming into focus. my son -- my daddy! da da da! it's just one of those cool moments. >> you're from boston how cool is it to sing the national anthem in the stadium? >> very cool. very cool. gotten me into a few games over the years. the idea is not to blow it. you don't want it get headlines on the end. >> like recently. >> yeah last week the patriots game playing live the jets. it's an honor. you're either aretha franklin or you messed up you know what i mean? somewhere in between is where you want to be. >> everybody says it's a hard hard song is it? >> well you get it low enough.
8:48 am
they give you some room. and you don't want to get acrobatic. >> i love learning that you're a marathoners, too. what don't you do? >> what don't i do? that's about it. running around with the kids. my first marathon was 2013 when the craziness happened. and you went -- yeah been able to certainly enjoy it and come back last year. it was -- you know it's an emotional experience anyway. so now, you know i mean even more. >> you said every time you go to boston, your heart grows a little bigger. >> yeah. >> love that place. >> joey mcintyre good luck with the show. >> yeah watch the show here on cbs. >> it's this thursday night, 9:30 8:30 central.
8:49 am
where? >> cbs. they know their ice. as hockey players dressed up to bring cheers to children. that's next. tt4wútoóú>d'r g]'l úf!x tt4wútoóú>d'r hq'l úwh( tt4wútoóú>d'r j]g! ú5k4 tt4wútoóú>d'r kqg! úd(h tt4wútoóú>d'r l]'l ú6[p tt4wútoóú>d'r mq'l úg8, tt4wútoóú>d'r o]g! ú%;0 tag: sooner
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♪ let is go let it go ♪ young patients at children's hospital got a an oversized visit. some of the boston bruins got in costumes of "frozen. "elsa, the 6'5" defensiveman put on the signature dress and the long blond hair. and princess anna had a hard time hiding this unlady like arms under the shawl.
8:53 am
>> that's great. that does it for us
8:54 am
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good morning, everyone, happy tuesday, 8:55 your time. some headlines now and of course baseball the number one topic at least tonight giants are just a win away from winning it all. again jake peavy will take mound tonight. a tonight to clinch that -- tonight a chance to clinch that world series crown. they can watch at san francisco civic center. nurses will gather at ucst today -- ucsf today to demand tougher standards for treating ebola. california hospitals will be used at treatment hospitals. nurses are simply not prepared they say right now. and more assistance is on the way for those still recovering from the napa earthquake. last night officials announced some struggling homeowners and renters will be able to get some fema assistance.
8:56 am
the quake caused more than $300 million of damage in the greater napa area. time for weather. how about kansas city first? >> looking good there should be mostly clear for the game a little cool. temperatures in the low 60s. and if it goes to game serve, nice too. the temperatures are a little chilly to start out the day this morning in the 40s and 50s. but you have a lot of sunshine coming your way and the storm track continues to move a little further to the north and the next couple of days that will change though as we head in toward late thursday and friday. temperatures today mid 70s inland and a lot of 70s in the bay. upper 60s into san francisco and about 65 in pa can i have is a. next couple the -- pacifica. next couple of days going to be spectacular. the clouds moving in on thursday and chance of rain for halloween. all right we're going to check out your kcbs traffic when we come back.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning, right now not seeing any major incidents around the bay area. but that's not to say that some commutes aren't really a grind. here's one. westbound 237 silicon valley drive still super backed up unusually backed up because of a couple of earlier problems. westbound 237 solid from 880 and then really bogs down approaching great america park way to sunnyvale. slow from hayward down into fremont.
8:59 am
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